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Page 26 of 83 25 effort headed by Dr. Prashant K. Jain and Dr. John A. Turner of ORNL. The findings in the research mean faster color changes, improved hot runner system stability and reduced pressure requirements. Hybrid metal additive manufactur- ing equipment has made it possible to produce smooth internal surface finish for H11, H13 and 420 SS variants of components. Hybrid AM involves a machining step during layer buildup, which offers superior surface finish to the standard printed finish from power-bed processes. To date, metal additive manufacturing has produced advanced, curved manifolds H11 (1.2343) at a footprint of 600 millimeters by 400 millimeters. This is three to five times larger than the size of previous generations of curved manifolds produced using brazing technologies. The R&D began in 2017 in an effort to understand and publish guidelines for proper hot runner manifold channel design. These guidelines are relevant for hot run- ner manifold construc- tion, independent of the method of manufactur- ing. Some of the basic findings are summarized here to showcase the considerable difference between a drilled, straight manifold design and a curved channel design. Curved manifold channel design produced by metal additive manufacturing is a new method capable of achieving a better balance of fill across drop locations. These graphs show fill fraction versus the residence time for straight (left) and curved (right) manifolds. The simulation results show equalization of residence time for the curved design. FIGURE 2 These images depict surface concentration at 100 milliseconds of simulated time for both straight (left) and curved (right) manifold designs. The straight design shows fill of the inner drops before the outer drops and incomplete fill at the sharp edges on the inner drops. FIGURE 3

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