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22 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 Cutting Tools difficult-to-machine materials), is one of the aspects that sepa- rates the best cutting-tool manufacturers from the average." Still, Raun believes that moldmakers are not making the most out of their cutting-tool investments, and this plays into the overall theme of low productivity. "Moldmaking is inherently a 'one-off ' environment, so there is usually a lot of programming and set-up time. There can be pressure to get machine tools up and running and not a lot of time to think about how the cutting tools are being applied. Better that the boss walks by a machine that is up and running, even if it is not operating effectively in terms of how the cutting tool is func- tioning," he says. "I witness a lot of 'waste' in terms of carbide utilization. Simply put, most people are not using what they are paying for." To help remedy that situation, Raun says that Iscar has created many apps and software packages, including the Iscar Tool Advisor, which users can leverage to gain quick access to cutting-tool recommenda- tions and cutting parameters. Users can input application requirements, and the software selects the best available solu- tions. Examples include cutting-tool recommendations, cutting data, power requirements and productivity outcomes for each suggested result. Solutions in Education and Collaboration The die and mold industry faces some of the same challenges as every other industry, in terms of its people, sys- tems, machines, tooling, software and hardware, according to YG-1 Tool's Bill Pulvermacher. But, the die and mold industry also faces some unique chal- lenges with difficult, long and complex roughing cycles and very long and sometimes very complex finishing cycles that require hand finishing and other laborious tasks. "This is where YG-1 Tool, in partnership with machine tool builders, CAM software developers and some forward-thinking end-users works to design and develop effective cutting- tool solutions," he says. "For example, YG-1 Tool has developed roughing end mills with chip splitters that allow the tools to take much longer length of cut, stay in the cut longer and remove more material in less time through trochoidal and high-speed milling. The chip split- ters make smaller chips that are easier to clear, and balanced cutting forces (which help attain longer lengths of cut) enable the end-users to get the most out of their CAM software and the speed of the machine tool." Additionally, newly developed barrel cutters help to finish workpieces much more productively, Pulvermacher says. "This finishing technique, utilizing the five-axis Introducing our new line of EROWA SmartChucks. The updated design combines our renowned precision and stability with wireless signal transmission. The integrated LED indicates the status directly on the chuck and data can be viewed via the EROWA mobile app. Equipment info, status requests and life cycle can be accessed at any time! Innovative solutions from EROWA...preparing you for the next evolution in manufacturing. Industry 4.0 Intelligently Connected Booth #135037

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