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Page 16 of 83 15 when using a tombstone-type fixture, could provide twice as much work to the spindle as a VMC. HMCs increase spindle utilization by reducing parasitic, non-cutting time. Spindle utilization on an HMC is around 85 percent. On a VMC, the percentage may only be 25 to 40 HMCs typically use a pallet changer, like the one shown here, which helps to maximize productivity by preventing part loading and unloading and change-over times from impacting machine cut-time. percent. The single largest killer of VMC spindle utilization is part-loading and part-unloading time, as the spindle must be stopped and remains idle during part loading and unloading. Consider the following example: HMC: • It has a 6.17-minute total cycle (floor-to-floor) • HMC was in-cut for 6 of those 6.17 minutes • Spindle utilization is calculated by dividing 6 minutes by 6.17 minutes, which is 0.972, or 97.2 percent. VMC (with a one-minute load and unload time): • It has a 24-minute total cycle (floor-to-floor) • VMC was in-cut for 18 of those 24 minutes • Spindle utilization is calculated by dividing 18 minutes by 24 minutes, which is 0.75, or 75 percent. Here, the VMC uses a one-minute load and unload cycle time, considering that the operator would need to remove the finished part, clean chips from the locators of the fixture, locate the raw (in-process) part and then clamp the new part in place. This is a very simple example, but it illustrates that the HMC spindle utilization is significantly higher than that of the VMC. The increased spindle-utilization capability enables HMCs to out-produce comparable VMCs. Having one HMC that yields the same amount of production as several VMCs decreases not You become a trusted supplier over time. Since 1960, Belmont has earned the industry's confidence for EDM solutions that last. With almost six decades of industry knowledge, our team offers unmatched insight, products, and support. Benefits of choosing Belmont: • Project design and engineering • Part program development • Installation and on-site operator training • Continuous application support BELMONT Better Solutions Better Support "Everything for EDM" Michigan • North Carolina • Massachusetts • California • Illinois 800.356.4811 • Visit us at Booth 135025

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